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Spuria Irises

The Spuria Irises are now updated for 2022.

SPURIA IRISES are considered the iris world's superb landscape irises. In very warm climates such as soutern Texas, California, and Arizona they will probably bloom at approximately the same time as the tall bearded irises. In all other states they will bloom about one to two weeks after the tall bearded irises. Spurias are a tall stately plant with foliage that resembles cattails. Heights range from approximately 20 inches and up to as tall as 50 inches. It should be noted that stalk height is often reduced greatly in colder climate areas, as well as bud count. Many of the varieties listed were created in warm climate areas of the U. S. These varieties probably will not reach the listed heights when grown in colder climates. Similarly, bud count may be less in colder climates. The wonderful trait of spuria irises is that they may be left in place for many years without splitting, so plant with this in mind and give the plants a little more space between varieties. They are also superb as cut flowers. Basic culture is full sun and good drainage.

Spuria irises are shipped from mid August until October. Cold climates are given priority.
Mulch is reccomended for cold climates for the first winter.