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Jammin Jeanie-Tall Bearded Iris
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Jammin Jeanie-(Don Murphy-2019)-Tall Bearded Iris-Sdlg. DM-11-03-16-29 Inches tall-Medium Bloom Season-Jammin Jeanie is a full sib to Don's new Emmylou. I call Don, Mr. Pom Pom. Don produces more heavily space age adorned intros than anyone else I know. The ruffled standards are pale yellow heavily shot all over with rusty red dots. The ruffled falls are bright sunshine yellow with 1/2 border of rusty red stippling. Hafts are white. Beards are gold that end in white stems that change to large rusty red spoons or flounces. Sometimes there is a rusty red horn over the flounces. Shorter in stature, but a new standards for flounced plicata space age irises. Sib to Emmylou.

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