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Shenandoah Skies-Spuria Iris
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Shenandoah Skies-(Jim Hedgecock-2020)-Sdlg. #M-1-E-Spuria Iris-40 Inches Tall-Medium Bloom Season-Shenandoan Skies absolutely fits this new spuria iris. The color just speaks a beautiful summer sky in the Shenandoah Valley. The ruffled standards are pale lavender blue. The ruffled falls are a base color of pale lavender with a small yellow signal transitioning to white rays that cover most of the petals and end in 1/4" solid lavender blue edges. Superb branching with a midwest bud count of 5. Touch Of Lace X Unknown. We believe tyhis iris is going to be a superb parent in crosses, because it produces multiple bloom stalks on one rhizome. Unique.

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