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 Jim and Lamoyne Hedgecock 

Dear Iris Friends,

I have to make a huge apology here to all of you, both customers and freinds for the website being updated so late. Lamoyne is no longer a part of Comanche Acres and I have had to get several items relating to the garden straightened out.

I have dropped selling Louisiana irises. My shipping dates for tall bearded irises will be June 15th until September 1st. The spuria irses will be shipped August 10th until October1st. Please note these new ship dates. I would love to keep shipping just like we always have, but I can't hire good help anymore and I am getting older. I hate to admit that.

2018 was a very good  year for the garden. Our spuria irise sales are literally exploding. They have been Jim's baby from the start and all shipped spurias are selected and bagged by Jim. We are down sizing in the acreage planted. You probably will not even notice unless you visit . There will be a few less acres to view. Jim is growing and reselecting a couple of  thousand seedlings for possible introduction. If you are a judge, come by and help Jim reselect new seedlings.

If there is any such thing as a normal year, our tall bearded bloom starts around Mother's Day and will last until late May. Spuria bloom starts around the first week of June and lasts until about the 3rd week of June. We are open 7 days a week, 9 to 7 daily as long as there is iris bloom. There is plenty of parking and even when it rains, we have grass pads around the guest beds and you won't get muddy unless you go to the production fields. Our showroom has iris related products, a huge selection of bird feeders, and a few antiques and pond products. If you are bringing a group, please call ahead and give the day and time you are coming. We want to have plenty of employees on hand during peak times.

Tentatively, Jim is planning to have a iris culture seminar on May 18th. He will try to help you with all of your iris culture questions. All people that attend will receive a free iris and our culture sheets. We will also award several prizes in a drawing that day during the seminar. Rain will not stop the seminar, but heavy rain, might hamper field viewing that afternoon. We have plenty of room on our porches to keep you dry. This event was a bust last year with very big rains that day, so I will try it one more year.

I want to remind those of you that read this message, that I now write and e-mail a iris culture newsletter that comes out a number of times each year. It is free and we won't flood your inbox with junk e-mails. No one gets our e-mail list. You can sign up for it on our home page of the website. We have nearly 2500 people signed up for the newsletter so far. Also you can follow us on Facebook. I try to answer your questions on both Facebook and by e-mail, but I will get behind during bloom season.

Please note that we have inventory controls on the website. If you see a set amount that remains of an iris that you want to order, please keep that in mind. As the year progresses, we will sell out of many of the varieties that have low amounts for sale. When they sell out, the variety will be pulled from the website. Varieties that do not have amounts listed are not likely to sell out.

Finally I want to thank each and every one of you for your iris orders. I can't stay in business without you. I always have time to help you in any way I can with your irises. Please remember our motto: We care about you and your irises.

Thank you and God Bless all of you and our troops all over the world.

Jim Hedgecock
Comanche Acres Iris Gardens

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